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The following is subject to change over the development and eventual release of Kindred Fates.

Kinfolk, sentient and ageless, are magical beings that inhabit the world of Kindred Fates. Each offering a unique aesthetic and playstyle, 159 Kinfolk will be obtainable in Kindred Fates upon release. Players will need to form powerful bonds with these beings to uncover the cause of the Restless Fog and overcome the trials before them. This is no simple task, nor is it risk free — a few missteps can lead to a Kinfolk's indefinite lifespan being cut far too short.

This page lists all revealed Kinfolk and contains a brief overview of Kinfolk. Detailed information pertaining to Kinfolk as whole can be found in the Kinfolk Info category.



Main article: Bonds

The powerful bonds between Humans and Kinfolk are one of the most fundamental aspects of Kindred Fates' world. Not only are they the most notable link between these two sentient groups, they also allow Kinfolk to overcome Restlessness by acting as anchors for their souls. Furthermore, the souls of fallen Kinfolk can be retrieved and revived if they are bonded with someone. Although this process comes bearing so many benefits, it is not as though either a Kinfolk or a human could simply find any member of the other group to form a bond with. A bond requires that there is genuine kinship and trust between both parties, meaning that bonds are not only difficult to form, but in turn easy to break. Over time though, if the bond is strengthened, minor squabbles and differences will not threaten it and many advantages will present themselves, such as new available abilities and enhanced performance during combat.


Main article: Lore

While it would be easy for humans to envy the longevity of Kinfolk, it isn't solely a blessing. Kinfolk become susceptible to a condition called Restlessness when negative emotions are held onto for too long, which is difficult to avoid after decades or centuries of life in a volatile world. While Kinfolk react to Restlessness in many ways, mindless aggression seems to be quite prevalent. Not only is this curable, though, it also entirely avoidable by bonding. However, these bonds aren't the only relationship between Humans and Kinfolk. Both groups being intelligent and capable of speech, they can sometimes be found within the same societies, working and living as equals. There is even a beautifully constructed memorial to lost Kinfolk in the player's home town that will display the location, date, and name of the Kinfolk who died.


Main article: Kinfolk mechanics

Mechanically speaking, forming a bond is the process by which a Kinfolk is added to a player's roster, and finding Kinfolk throughout the world isn't the only way to do this. Once a player has joined or created a guild, they will be capable of assigning one or two Kinfolk to recruiting and training a Kinfolk of a previously bonded species, which allows Base Stats and moves to be passed from the player's Kinfolk to the recruit, who can then be bonded with. Base Stats are stat influencing values, alongside Bond Values (filler term) and levels. Once a Kinfolk's level is raised high enough, or some other unrevealed conditions are met, a Kinfolk can undergo evolution, a process that changes their appearance and sometimes their stats or abilities. Finally, Kinfolk are capable of advanced environmental interactions and equipping a number of items.


Main article: Kinfolk classifications
  • Starter Kinfolk are a set of Kinfolk that players will be able to choose from at the start of the game.
  • Legendary Kinfolk are very distinct from typical Kinfolk and will be prominent within the story and world of Kindred Fates.
  • Phantom Kinfolk are difficult to acquire versions of typical Kinfolk. They have different, more phantom-like colors.
  • Variant Kinfolk are probably cosmetic variants of typical Kinfolk. Besides their existence, nothing is confirmed.
  • Restless Kinfolk are Kinfolk affected by restlessness and/or the Restless Fog. This often manifests as unprovoked aggression.

Named Kinfolk

When we design around a theme it's usually artistic (visual, audio, atmospheric), as opposed to designing around a mechanic which is gameplay.

For example we may choose to design a kinfolk around the theme of "avarice", or "laissez-faire" or "laying-awake-at-night-because-what-if-sleep-is-just-death-being-shy-and-you're-about-to-experience-death-again-for-a-bit-which-is-fine-I-guess-but-you'd-really-rather-keep-experiencing-things-for-the-rest-of-forever-instead-of-not"
So it really just depends.

~ Rob Cravens(Discord)

21 Kinfolk have been revealed so far, 17 of which have been given names.

No. Kinfolk Type
Avieon.png Avieon Air
Awburn.png Awburn Fire
Bakionawa.png Bakionawa Water
Embear.png Embear Fire
Galvolant.png Galvolant Mecha
Gladias.png Gladias Mecha
Kahstrix.png Kahstrix Air
Kainite.png Kainite Fire
Kodoki.png Kodoki Gaia
Kubikro.png Kubikro ?
Lumala.png Lumala Light
Mechid.png Mechid Mecha
Nyazen.png Nyazen Null
Shovlet.png Shovlet Earth
Skulken.png Skulken Dark
Slyphur.png Slyphur Null
Tadalon.png Tadalon Water

Unnamed Kinfolk

No. Kinfolk Type
Bashful-Strider.png Bashful-Strider ?
Deer-Dog.png Deer-Dog ?
Hull-Piercer.png Hull-Piercer ?
Salamurder.png Salamurder Water