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Active Abilities are the active abilities that Kinfolk can use during combat or in the open world. Most abilities are used to fight against restless Kinfolk, but depending on its effect, it can also be used for other things. Some Kinfolk may have unique active abilities that are limited to their evolution line. This page is subject to change over the course of the Alpha.

Characteristics of Active Abilities

Active Abilities have various characteristics that help differentiate and define them.

  • Attack Category: Each active ability has a category that defines them.
  • Type: Each active ability has one of the 9 Types associated with it.
  • Cooldown: Almost all abilities have a cooldown. There may be some abilities that do not have a cooldown.
  • Targeting: Each ability has some sort of targeting against themselves or their enemies / allies.


Most abilities have cooldowns. Lore-wise, this would be the stamina of each individual ability.

Attack Category

These categories are very work in progress and are not the final categories.

  • Physical Attack: Damaging abilities that use physical force for their attack, often melee abilities.
  • Special Attack: Damaging abilities that can have unique effects, often ranged abilities.
  • Status Attack: Mostly non-damaging abilities that inflict status effects or temporarily change stats of your or the enemy Kinfolk by one or more stages.


Main article: Types

Each active ability also has a type. Active abilities that share the same type as the Kinfolk using them deal 10% increased damage.


Each Active Ability can be used for targeting in one of three different ways:

  • Self: The ability can only be used on the user and does not require aiming.
  • Single Target: The ability can be used on any targeted Kinfolk in the field.
  • Area: The ability can be used on the ground or surrounding area.


Stages are a term used to describe the buff level of a stat. When using an ability that buffs or debuffs the user, the buffed stats will be multiplied by different amounts. Stat buffs and debuffs can stack up to a maximum of 6 times.

Stat Decreases:
Lowered 1 stage: Stat x 0.75 (or reduced to 75%).
Lowered 2 stages: Stat x 0.5 (or reduced to 50%).
Lowered 3 stages: Stat x 0.25 (or reduced to 25%).
Lowered 4 stages: Stat x 0.125 (or reduced to 12.5%).
Lowered 5 stages: Stat x 0.063 (or reduced to 6.3%).
Lowered 6 stages: Stat x 0.031 (or reduced to 3.1%).

Stat Increases:
Raised 1 stage: Stat x 1.25 (or increased to 125%).
Raised 2 stages: Stat x 1.50 (or increased to 150%).
Raised 3 stages: Stat x 1.75 (or increased to 175%).
Raised 4 stages: Stat x 2 (or increased to 200%).
Raised 5 stages: Stat x 2.25 (or increased to 225%).
Raised 6 stages: Stat x 2.5 (or increased to 250%).

Active Abilities List

The following list shows the Active Abilities that are currently known or available at the moment in the Alpha for Kindred Fates.

56 Active Abilities have been revealed so far.

Name Type Ability Category Base Power
Air Jab Air physical attack 20
Razor Wind Air physical attack 20
Bounce Air physical attack 30
Dive Bomb Air physical attack 35
Thunder Clap Air special attack 60
Twister Air special attack 60
Escape Draft Air physical attack 70
Teleport Dark status attack 0
Dark Volley Dark special attack 10
Caustic Cloud Dark special attack 12
Wither Dark special attack 25
Pilfer Dark physical attack 30
Howl Dark special attack 40
Crescent Strike Dark physical attack 50
Dark Pulse Dark special attack 65
Rock Wall Earth physical attack 10
Earth Swipes Earth physical attack 20
Quicksand Earth physical attack 35
Rock Slide Earth physical attack 35
Dig Earth physical attack 60
Scorch Fire special attack 6
Fire Burst Fire special attack 20
Fireball Fire special attack 50
Fire Spin Fire special attack 65
Explosion Fire special attack 120
Spore Dance Gaia status attack 5
Stunner Flies Gaia special attack 5
Gaia Volley Gaia physical attack 10
Wicked Thorn Gaia physical attack 40
Meditate Light status attack 0
Ruminate Light status attack 0
Angelic Ray Light special attack 10
Light Burst Light special attack 20
Righteous Light Light special attack 130
Fortify Mecha status attack 0
Crush Mecha physical attack 30
Hook Mecha physical attack 30
Mecha Strike Mecha physical attack 45
Iron Fist Mecha physical attack 50
Armor Up Null status attack 0
Counter Null physical attack 0
Growth Null status attack 0
Reflect Null special attack 0
Rest Null status attack 0
Roar Null status attack 0
Sharpen Null status attack 0
Startle Null status attack 0
Thrash Null physical attack 15
Slash Null physical attack 20
Swipes Null physical attack 20
Homing Blast Null special attack 40
Rush Null physical attack 40
Bite Null physical attack 60
Fling Null physical attack 60
Rage Null physical attack 80
Riptide Water special attack 40