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Air is one of the Kinfolk types.

Air Kinfolk are as strong and powerful as the stormy winds, but it unfortunately comes at a cost. Using their speed and agility, they will quickly close the distance separating them from their target before unleashing incredibly powerful attacks. Their goal is to make sure the combat ends as quickly as possible by doing as much damage as possible in the shortest amount of time. However, even with all that power, Air Kinfolk are as fragile as glass. Sacrificing toughness for agility and offensive power, even the slightest hit on an Air Kinfolk can have devastating effects.

Air Kinfolk perform well against Earth and poorly against Mecha.

Air Kinfolk

No. Kinfolk Type
Avieon.png Avieon Air
Kahstrix.png Kahstrix Air

Air Abilities

Name Type Ability Category Base Power
Air Jab Air physical attack 20
Razor Wind Air physical attack 20
Bounce Air physical attack 30
Dive Bomb Air physical attack 35
Thunder Clap Air special attack 60
Twister Air special attack 60
Escape Draft Air physical attack 70