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The Alpha Combat Arena is a very early W.I.P release of the game's combat mechanics, and one of the promised rewards from the 2020 Kickstarter campaign. The Alpha is a series of arenas where the player can use various Kinfolk to fight against other people in an online PVP environment. There's also a practice room where players can fight against Kinfolk AI. Access can be purchased through the Skymill website or Steam. The Alpha is a precursor to the future Beta.

Game Modes & Match Types

The Alpha has only two constant modes.

1v1 PVP - The player can connect to one other person inside an arena and fight them.

Practice Room - The player can practice their skills against AI Kinfolk in an offline dojo.

Party Modes (Not Always Active) - The player can connect to 1v1 PVP with various types of minigames enabled. This mode is not always active. See here for details.

You can connect to 1v1 via public or private queue.

Public - The player connects to a random person in the queue. Losing or winning the match will change the user's player score.

Private - Two players can choose to match with each other by typing in the same private game name. Certain private game names have special effects. Including one of the following words in your private game names will have the corresponding effect:

There are a few keywords that will impact the arena you are playing in if your private match password contains these words. Multiple of these words can be combined if they are not changing the same thing (for example, you can't play a map at "Dawn" and "Dusk" at the same time).

Weather - Randomizes the weather every few seconds.

Dawn - Changes the arenas to look like it's dawn.

Dusk - Changes the arenas to look like it's dusk.

Night - Changes the arenas to look like it's night.

River - Guarantees that the selected arena will be Riverside.

Forest - Guarantees that the selected arena will be Towering Forest.

Ruin - Guarantees that the selected arena will be Ruins.

Cavern - Guarantees that the selected arena will be Caverns.


Each player in the Alpha starts with a player score of 2000. Player score can be won or lost by fighting in public matches. Your player score determines where you stand in the leaderboard and cannot fall below 0. The leaderboard includes multiple statistics for the player's average performance.

Playable Kinfolk

There's a limited number of playable Kinfolk currently in the Alpha.

No. Kinfolk Type
Avieon.png Avieon Air
Embear.png Embear Fire
Kodoki.png Kodoki Gaia
Lumala.png Lumala Light
Mechid.png Mechid Mecha
Salamurder.png Salamurder Water
Shovlet.png Shovlet Earth
Skulken.png Skulken Dark
Slyphur.png Slyphur Null

System Requirements

These requirements are for the Alpha only, and are subject to change throughout the full game's development.

OS: Windows 10

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9600 CPU @ 3.70 GHz

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: GeForce GTX 970

Storage: 5 GB available space

Sound Card: Not Required

Update History

The Alpha Combat Arena became accessible to everyone with the Champion tier and higher from the Kickstarter on December 19, 2020. It continues to receive regular updates.