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The following is subject to change over the development and eventual release of Kindred Fates.

This page details various aspects of Kinfolk Bonds.


As intelligent creatures, able to think and speak as humans do, Kinfolk can't be captured or tamed in the traditional sense. Instead, the player character must form Bonds with Kinfolk to convince them to join the adventure.

  • Actions That Can Strengthen Bonds
    • Playing games.
    • Sharing meals.
    • Talking.
    • Winning combat.
  • Actions That Can Damage Bonds
    • Losing combat frequently.
    • Making choices counter to their personality.
  • Kinfolk With Stronger Bonds May
    • Fight more effectively.
    • Learn new moves.
    • Become mountable.
    • Be more tolerant of bond damaging actions.
    • Hold on longer after death.
    • Follow you through the open world.
  • Kinfolk With Damaged Bonds May
    • Leave if the bond is broken entirely.