Caustic Cloud

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Caustic Cloud
Ability Caustic Cloud.png
The user lobs a cloud of poisonous gas to a target location. Enemies caught within the cloud will become poisioned.
Ability Details
Playstyle Type Dark
Attack Category Special Attack
Targeting Area
Damage 12 Per-Tick
Cooldown 10
Lifetime 9 Seconds
Range 30
In Alpha? Yes
Basic ability? No
Available? Yes
Version introduced Alpha 1.01

Caustic Cloud is a Dark type Active Ability.


Caustic Cloud spawns a poisonous cloud in the area. Any enemies that are caught within the cloud will get the Poison status. The cloud also obscures vision.

Kinfolk with This Ability


Update history

  • Alpha 2.3
    • Can now be used while moving.
  • Alpha 1.13
    • Damage per tick reduced from 15 to 12.
  • Alpha 1.12
    • Now only inflicts poison if the enemy is struck by 3 ticks of damage from the same instance of the ability.
    • Grounded hitbox activation delay removed.
    • Damage tick rate increased from 1 tick per second to 3 ticks per second.
  • Alpha 1.11/1.10
    • Aiming reticle has been adjusted to more accurately match the scale of the ability.
  • Alpha 1.09
    • Time before first damage tick increased from 0 to 1 second (is now consistent with Scorch).
  • Alpha 1.01
    • Introduced.