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Dark is one of the Kinfolk types.

Dark Kinfolk are all about deceiving their enemy. Their main goal will be to hamper one's ability to fight while sneaking in on their enemy to strike in its back. During a fight, they will conjure dark arts to lower their opponent's offensive or defensive abilities to take control over the fight. Beware seemingly cornered Dark Kinfolk, for you might very well be playing right into its hand. Who knows, that small dark Kinfolk cowering on the ground might be luring you into thinking it is almost defeated, but it might also be preparing its next move to turn the tides of the fight in its favor in a totally unexpected way.

Dark Kinfolk both counter and are countered by Light.

Dark Kinfolk

No. Kinfolk Type
Skulken.png Skulken Dark

Dark Abilities

Name Type Ability Category Base Power
Teleport Dark status attack 0
Dark Volley Dark special attack 10
Caustic Cloud Dark special attack 12
Wither Dark special attack 25
Pilfer Dark physical attack 30
Howl Dark special attack 40
Crescent Strike Dark physical attack 50
Dark Pulse Dark special attack 65