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Fire is one of the Kinfolk types.

Fire Kinfolk's playstyle is twofold. As a zoner, they use their abilities to take control over the battlefield. Whether it be to force an opponent into close combat by trapping both combatants in a ring of fire, or split the battlefield in two using a fire wall to keep their distance from its opponent. Once control over the battlefield is established, Fire Kinfolk will mostly use a "Hit and Run" combat tactic. They will run over the battlefield, waiting for an opening (or an ability to be ready) to unleash a powerful attack on its opponent, before starting to run again, repeating the process.

Fire-type Kinfolk perform well against Gaia and poorly against Water.

Fire Kinfolk

No. Kinfolk Type
Awburn.png Awburn Fire
Embear.png Embear Fire
Kainite.png Kainite Fire

Fire Abilities

Name Type Ability Category Base Power
Scorch Fire special attack 6
Fire Burst Fire special attack 20
Fireball Fire special attack 50
Fire Spin Fire special attack 65
Explosion Fire special attack 120