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Gaia is one of the Kinfolk types.

Gaia Kinfolk use the power of nature to overwhelm their opponent. Calling on their surroundings, they will use the overflowing stream of life to summon minions over the battlefield. Their main goal is to swarm their enemy with a large number of targets, making it difficult for them to focus on the source of the attack. A Gaia Kinfolk could try to stay away from the actual combat, relying on its minions to do the dirty work, or it can even be directly facing its opponent, using its minions to support them in battle.

Gaia Kinfolk perform well against Water and poorly against Fire.

Gaia Kinfolk

No. Kinfolk Type
Kodoki.png Kodoki Gaia

Gaia Abilities

Name Type Ability Category Base Power
Spore Dance Gaia status attack 5
Stunner Flies Gaia special attack 5
Gaia Volley Gaia physical attack 10
Wicked Thorn Gaia physical attack 40