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Galvolant Unknown.png


General details
No. ?
Type Mecha
Stage ?
Evolves from Mechid
Evolves to ?
Passive Abilities ?
Is Kinfolk In Alpha? No

Galvolant is a Mecha type Kinfolk.

Appearance & Personality

Galvolant is a metal-clad, semi-humanoid Kinfolk with two long powerful arms, a lower-body made of five pointed metal sheets, and a five-pointed crown embedded into its head. Its shoulders, lower arms, lower-body and head are a dark-grey color, its upper arms and torso are colored white, with some red accents found beneath its shoulders and the inner side of the lower-body’s metal strips. Its shoulders bear what resemble pauldrons that come to a single point at the top, with a sliver of red material appearing beneath them on the upper arm. Its lower arms have large, four-fingered gauntlets that have a small opening at the palm. Instead of legs, it has five metallic strips reminiscent of a cloak that shifts somewhat as it floats about. Its head seems embedded in its torso, with a crown protruding from it and two small, white-glowing eyes peering out from beneath it. It has no clearly distinguishable nose.



Active Abilities


Evolution Tree

The black boxes indicate the Kinfolk, and the white lines show the direction it can evolve. The grey boxes contain the conditions in which the Kinfolk evolves.

PA = Passive Ability.

AA = Active Ability.

Level up X = The Kinfolk must reach a certain level.

Bond level X = The Kinfolk must reach a certain bond level.




  • Kickstarter backers of the Royal tier and higher will have access to a "Royal" version of Mechid, which can evolve into Royal Galvolant or Gladias. The design is different from a normal Phantom Kinfolk, and features monarch-like purple and gold colours. There is fewer than 1000 of them in existence.
  • Prior to Galvolant's name being revealed, it was nicknamed "Meching", or "Mech King".