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Kahstrix Unknown.png

General details
No. ?
Type Air
Stage ?
Evolves from ?
Evolves to ?
Passive Abilities ?
Is Kinfolk In Alpha? No

Kahstrix is an Air type Kinfolk. It is not known to evolve from or into any other Kinfolk.

Appearance & Personality

Kahstrix is a large black avian Kinfolk resembling a corvid with a skeletal motif. Its head is covered in a white skull-like mask, leaving only its pink eyes visible through the skull-mask’s darkened eye-holes. The majority of its body is covered in black plumage with its head and neck in particular having a fluffy mane of black feathers. Two white rib-like structures nearly wrap entirely around its neck and torso region, resulting in the plumage around its head being more raised and divided. Kahstrix’s two large black wings each bear five contrastingly bone-white primary feathers with three more on their tail. Starting slightly beneath the knees its legs are also white, with each foot having three frontal digits and one back digit, and each armed with sharp talons. The joints along its legs and digits also appear segmented, resembling bones.



Active Abilities


Evolution Tree

The black boxes indicate the Kinfolk, and the white lines show the direction it can evolve. The grey boxes contain the conditions in which the Kinfolk evolves.

PA = Passive Ability.

AA = Active Ability.

Level up X = The Kinfolk must reach a certain level.

Bond level X = The Kinfolk must reach a certain bond level.

Disclaimer: The shape of this Kinfolk's evolution tree is unknown. The shape, placement, and data contained below will be subject to change as we find out more about its evolutions or lack thereof.




  • A screenshot was revealed on the Discord server, showing Kahstrix's shadow and talons beside Embear. This was the first hint at Kahstrix's 3D model.