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Kainite Unknown.png

General details
No. ?
Type Fire
Stage ?
Evolves from Awburn
Evolves to N/A
Passive Abilities ?
Is Kinfolk In Alpha? No

Kainite is a Fire type Kinfolk. It is an evolved form of Awburn, and does not evolve into other Kinfolk.

Appearance & Personality

Kainite is a lean quadrupedal wolf-like Kinfolk with pricked ears and a slender flat snout. Their coat is primarily red with a darker umber color along its forearms and the tips of its ears. With yellow cream-like fur on its muzzle and along its underbelly. Kainite’s are covered with wispy dark clouds around its paws, neck and tail. Forming a smokey and warm mane, long bushed tail and with three claws protruding from each of its clouded paws. Their head features a sharp stop beneath its brow, with a darker brown stripe along the top of its snout running up to its nose. Its two defined eyes are accented with orange markings along their sides. At its shoulders it stands about chest height on an average person, and is large and powerful enough to serve as a speedy mount.



Active Abilities


Evolution Tree

The black boxes indicate the Kinfolk, and the white lines show the direction it can evolve. The grey boxes contain the conditions in which the Kinfolk evolves.

PA = Passive Ability.

AA = Active Ability.

Level up X = The Kinfolk must reach a certain level.

Bond level X = The Kinfolk must reach a certain bond level.




  • It's the first Kinfolk to be found behind an ARG event.
  • The smoke-like effects on the mane have been changed multiple times, and no longer look like the concept art.
  • It's Lead Designer SM-Rob's favorite Kinfolk.