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The following is subject to change over the development and eventual release of Kindred Fates.

Kinfolk that are just a bit more special than the rest.

Starter Kinfolk

A set of Kinfolk available to players when beginning their adventure in Kindred Fates. All information about starter Kinfolk is being kept secret until release.

It is possible for a player's starter Kinfolk to be of the Phantom variety (see below) by having backed Kindred Fates at the Phantom Tier on Kickstarter, or by random chance.

Legendary Kinfolk

Playing a significant role in the plot of Kindred Fates, these Kinfolk will be very different from their fellows. Although the total number of these legendary Kinfolk is unconfirmed, three more than were originally planned will be in the game due to the surpassing of the second to last stretch goal on Kickstarter. Aside from these few pieces of information, they remain a mystery.

Phantom Kinfolk

Rare, ghostly variants of regular Kinfolk that possess different colors than their standard counterparts. Playing Kindred Fates for the first time, a player will have a 1/8000 chance of encountering a Phantom Kinfolk. On each consecutive playthrough — also known as New Game Plus — this chance will increase by an unknown amount. Though specifics haven't been revealed, this purely cosmetic and naturally occurring deviation will have some implications within the world of Kindred Fates.

Variant Kinfolk

It is possible for Kinfolk of the same species to be slightly different sizes from one another. However, it is unconfirmed if regional variants will exist.

Restless Kinfolk

Main article: Lore

Kinfolk affected by Restlessness and/or the Restless Fog. This can manifest in a number of unstated ways, though unprovoked aggression is the only one so far demonstrated. A large number of Kinfolk encountered will fall into this category and need to be cleansed by the player so that a bond can be formed.