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The following is subject to change over the development and eventual release of Kindred Fates.

This page details various Kinfolk mechanics.


Main article: Bonds

The process by which a Kinfolk is added to a player's roster. The three known methods of forming bonds are capturing Restless or wild Kinfolk, recruiting Kinfolk, and helping various Kinfolk throughout the world of Kindred Fates. Once a bond is formed, it can be strengthened to gain a number of benefits, but it can also be broken. When a bond is broken, a Kinfolk won't remain with the player for very long.


When a Kinfolk falls in combat, it will collapse into an ethereal blue flame that will eventually fade if the player does not retrieve it in time. Fortunately, the duration that the Kinfolk's soul will remain increases as the bond between them and the player grows. If the player fails to retrieve the flame-like soul of their Kinfolk, only ashes will remain, which can be taken to the memorial. If the player succeeds in retrieving their Kinfolk's soul, they're free to take the fallen Kinfolk to a shrine for healing.


Various types of evolution trees

Evolution is a process that many Kinfolk undergo to change their form and capabilities. This does not make a Kinfolk inherently more powerful, but can give the Kinfolk access to new abilities, as well as shifting their stats. A Kinfolk reaches evolution by reaching a particular level or fulfilling other unrevealed requirements. All evolutions will provide a choice in the form of an Evolutionary Tree. These trees are made up of evolutionary turning points that always offer two or more choices. While Kinfolk don't seem to evolve more than twice, a Kinfolk might be able to choose from up to eight unique evolutions.


The various numbers that determine a Kinfolk's function in combat outside of abilities. Every Kinfolk will have base stats that can be adjusted through EV point allocation. Stats will increase when the Kinfolk levels up.

The stat array in Kindred Fates is as follows.

  • Health
  • Physical Defense
  • Special Defense
  • Physical Attack
  • Special Attack
  • Stamina

A level is a value that can be increased by gaining experience through activities like combat. A Kinfolk can have up to one hundred levels. Levels affect all stats.

Base Stats are a set of numbers that affect each stat respectively. Kinfolk of the same species start with the same base stats, with randomized IVs that the player can adjust.


A method of obtaining Kinfolk that becomes available to the player when they join or create a Guild. Recruitment allows the player to send out one or two of their party members to search for, recruit, and train a chosen species of Kinfolk in "the basics of combat back at the headquarters". The species of Kinfolk must be one that the player has formed a bond with prior. It will take time for an interested Kinfolk to be found, but when two party members are selected rather than one, it can be found twice as quickly. The teacher(s) will determine the known moves and base stats of this recruit, passing down two of their base stats. There is a chance that three base stats instead of two will be passed down from any teacher in the same evolutionary tree as the recruit. For a level one hundred Kinfolk of the same evolutionary tree, this would be guaranteed.

There is a small chance that the recruit will be a Phantom Kinfolk.


Main article: Items

Kinfolk can make use of various items both in and out of combat.