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Lumala Unknown.png

General details
No. ?
Type Light
Stage ?
Evolves from ?
Evolves to ?
Passive Abilities Soothing Aura
Is Kinfolk In Alpha? Yes

Lumala is a Light type Kinfolk.

Appearance & Personality

Lumala is deer-like kinfolk with a glowing halo for an antler. It is quadrapedal, with brown fur, long slender legs ending in rounded points and a long slender neck. Atop its head it has a single large, circular, transparent, glowing antler resembling a halo; its eyes glow in the same color, bearing neither iris or pupil. Its chest bears a rugged tuft a fur, and has a tear-shaped tuft of a tail. They travel in herds, walk with graceful steps and their head held high.


At Lv. 50
Ph. Atk:
SP. Atk:
Ph. Def:
SP. Def:
  • This is only for level 50 stats.

Active Abilities

List of Abilities Lumala Learns
Name Image Playstyle Type Ability Category Damage Cooldown Lifetime Targeting

Light Burst Ability Light Burst.png Light special attack 20 0.75 1.25 Seconds onetarget

Angelic Ray Ability Angelic Ray.png Light special attack 10 23 8 Seconds area

Homing Blast Ability Homing Blast.png Null special attack 40 8 - onetarget

Reflect - Null special attack 0 8 - self

Righteous Light Ability Righteous Light.png Light special attack 130 8 3 Seconds onetarget

Ruminate Ability Ruminate.png Light status attack 0 8 2.2 Seconds self

Rush Ability Rush.png Null physical attack 40 5 - onetarget

Evolution Tree

The black boxes indicate the Kinfolk, and the white lines show the direction it can evolve. The grey boxes contain the conditions in which the Kinfolk evolves.

PA = Passive Ability.

AA = Active Ability.

Level up X = The Kinfolk must reach a certain level.

Bond level X = The Kinfolk must reach a certain bond level.

Disclaimer: The shape of this Kinfolk's evolution tree is unknown. The shape, placement, and data contained below will be subject to change as we find out more about its evolutions or lack thereof.



Update history

  • Alpha 2.6
    • Special Attack increased from 60 to 65.
  • Alpha 2.4
    • Exits their shielding animation more quickly.
  • Alpha 2.3
  • Alpha 1.19
    • Invincibility frames during dodge reduced by 15%.
    • Special Attack reduced to 60 (from 80).
    • Physical Attack reduced to 50 (from 60).
  • Alpha 1.12
    • Max Health at level 50 increased from 250 to 260.
  • Alpha 1.08
    • Special Attack increased to 80 (from 70).
  • Alpha 1.01
    • Introduced.


  • Lumala's name is inspired by "impala" (a species of antelope) and "luminosity" (light).
  • Before the final name Lumala was chosen, their developement name was "Gentle Gaze".
  • Lumala's phantom was revealed in a video: , however at the moment we do not have the official 2D art pic and can therefore not added phantom pic yet.