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Mecha is one of the Kinfolk types.

Mecha Kinfolk are as sturdy as a knight in armor. Their incredible defense makes them able to endure hits that would instantly knock out other Kinfolk, but beware of their sword for it will surely fall upon their opponent's head. Their main goal will be to resist any and all incoming attacks before retaliating with all their might. Mecha Kinfolk strive in the midst of a battle, taking hits while also giving them back to their opponent. Unfortunately, similar to a knight in full plate armor, Mecha Kinfolk are not very fast or agile. They have a slow attack and movement speed, and their abilities take longer to recover.

Mecha Kinfolk perform well against Air and poorly against Earth.

Mecha Kinfolk

No. Kinfolk Type
Galvolant.png Galvolant Mecha
Gladias.png Gladias Mecha
Mechid.png Mechid Mecha

Mecha Abilities

Name Type Ability Category Base Power
Fortify Mecha status attack 0
Crush Mecha physical attack 30
Hook Mecha physical attack 30
Mecha Strike Mecha physical attack 45
Iron Fist Mecha physical attack 50