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Passive Abilities are unique abilities that cannot be activated manually. These abilities change how Kinfolk affect and are affected by different things. Certain passive abilities are activated all the time, and some are automatically activated under specific conditions.

Name Condition Impact on Kinfolk Ability Description in Combat Ability Description out of Combat Inheritable
Collector Auto activated all the time positive The user can hold up to 3 items.
Fear Feed Auto activated when close to a Feared Kinfolk positive The user feeds on the fear of those around it, doubling its movement speed and damage dealt by abilities while a Feared Kinfolk is nearby.
Germinate Auto activated when remaining motionless for a moment positive If the user remains motionless for a moment, they will plant their roots and slowly begin to regain health.
Intimidation Auto activated when entering combat positive When the user enters combat, it lowers the Physical Attack of hostile Kinfolk by 1 stage for 30 seconds.
Soothing Aura Auto activated when swapping to the next Kinfolk positive The user cures the status conditions of the next Kinfolk sent out after it.
Spirit Of Fire Auto activated when user health is less 1/3 positive When the user has less than 1/3 of their max health remaining, all their Fire type Skill Shot, Lob, and Spawn attacks become 1.25 times larger.
Survivor Auto activated in combat positive Each time the user enters combat, its HP cannot be reduced to 0 in a single hit.
Unaware Auto activated in combat positive The user ignores the stat changes of their opponent when dealing and receiving damage.
Wind Bringer Auto activated all the time positive The user’s Null type abilities become Air type.