Rock Slide

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Rock Slide
Ability Rock Slide.png
The user causes a rock slide at a target location, damaging and slowing any entities stuck by it.
Ability Details
Playstyle Type Earth
Attack Category Physical Attack
Targeting Area
Damage 35 per hit
Cooldown 10
Lifetime ?
Range 30
In Alpha? Yes
Basic ability? No
Available? Yes
Version introduced Alpha 1.01

Rock Slide is an Earth type Active Ability.


Rock Slide causes a rock slide in an area, all entities hit with the attack will take damage and get slowed down.

Kinfolk with This Ability


Update history

  • Alpha 2.6
    • Base damage per-hit reduced from 45 to 35.
  • Alpha 2.4
    • Adjusted the height and timing at which rocks fall in order to be compatible with the Cavern arena. The fall height now adjusts dynamically based on the ceiling height. This also allows the timing to remain consistent regardless of the ceiling height.
  • Alpha 1.16
    • Damage per-hit reduced from 80 to 45.
  • Alpha 1.13
    • Adjusted collider sizes of rocks to more accurately match the VFX.
  • Alpha 1.11/1.10
    • Aiming reticle has been adjusted to more accurately match the scale of the ability.
  • Alpha 1.05
    • Increased collider radius by 30%.
  • Alpha 1.03
    • Damage per-hit increased to 80 from 60.
  • Alpha 1.01
    • Introduced.