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"Skymill Studios is a small but immensely passionate team based in Columbus Ohio. The team consists of 4 full time developers, two writers and 16 multi-media artists from all over the world. While Kindred Fates is Skymill's first game as a team, they're no strangers to the industry. Previous titles their team members have helped to create include Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy XIV, Gravity Rush, Gravity 2, League of Legends, Wildstar, and the Frank Mill Film, 300. The team was formed around the dream of creating a game that would push the monster battle genre forward, and be the open-world monster-catching game fans have wanted for so long."
Skymill Studios official website.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is provided directly from Skymill Studios. As such, the information may quickly become outdated.

The team list below was last reviewed August 2021.

The Team

Rob Cravens

Creator, Game Designer, Writer & Soundtrack Co-Composer

Tori Wallace

Creator, Writer & Terrain Sculpter

Andrew Cravens

Creator, Community Manager, & QA Tester

John Wallace

Developer & Business Advisor

Sheila Wallace


Joey Mayer


Drew Van Anne


Alex Wallace

Scrum Master, QA Tester & Kinfolk Concept Artist

Rob Cravens Sr.

QA Tester

Leopoldo Spagna

Kinfolk Concept Artist

Dann Paulo

Kinfolk Concept Artist

Matt Arazzomattia

Kinfolk Concept Artist

Erik Taberman

Environment & Set Piece Concept Artist

Timothy Kaminski

Environment & Set Piece Concept Artist

Devinelle Kurtz

Environment & Set Piece Concept Artist

Takeshi Oga

Environment & Set Piece Concept Artist

Abdul Bello

UI Artist

Simon Telezhkin

Character Modeler

Kayla Kosik

Environment and Set Piece Modeler

Mykie Yatco


Dillon Guscott


Chris Brindzik


Jasmine Cooper

Soundtrack Co-Composer


SFX Composer

Jess Willmore

Emblem Artist