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Slyphur Unknown.png

General details
No. ?
Type Null
Stage ?
Evolves from ?
Evolves to ?
Passive Abilities Collector
Is Kinfolk In Alpha? Yes

Slyphur is a Null type Kinfolk. It is not known to evolve from or into any other Kinfolk.

Appearance & Personality

Slyphur is a tall, bipedal, raccoon-like Kinfolk. It's has an anthropomorphic body-shape, stands about about the height of an adult human, and has a tail as long as its body that's strong enough to support its full body-weight. Its body is largely light gray, with its hands, feet and fluffy mane around its collar being black, has gray & black rings around its tail, and a white muzzle. The fur around its eyes is white and black, resembling a mask. It seems to lurk while moving slowly and its tail tucked up behind it, but while running its tail trails after it.


At Lv. 50
Ph. Atk:
SP. Atk:
Ph. Def:
SP. Def:
  • This is only for level 50 stats.

Active Abilities

List of Abilities Slyphur Learns
Name Image Playstyle Type Ability Category Damage Cooldown Lifetime Targeting

Swipes Ability Swipes.png Null physical attack 20 1 - onetarget

Bite Ability Bite.png Null physical attack 60 4 - onetarget

Bounce Ability Bounce.png Air physical attack 30 4 1 Seconds onetarget

Crescent Strike Ability Crescent Strike.png Dark physical attack 50 8 - onetarget

Fling Ability Fling.png Null physical attack 60 3 - onetarget

Homing Blast Ability Homing Blast.png Null special attack 40 8 - onetarget

Pilfer Ability Pilfer.png Dark physical attack 30 5 0.6 Seconds onetarget

Roar Ability Roar.png Null status attack 0 8 3 Seconds onetarget

Sharpen Ability Sharpen.png Null status attack 0 8 2.2 Seconds self

Startle Ability Startle.png Null status attack 0 8 - onetarget

Thrash Ability Thrash.png Null physical attack 15 10 - onetarget

Evolution Tree

The black boxes indicate the Kinfolk, and the white lines show the direction it can evolve. The grey boxes contain the conditions in which the Kinfolk evolves.

PA = Passive Ability.

AA = Active Ability.

Level up X = The Kinfolk must reach a certain level.

Bond level X = The Kinfolk must reach a certain bond level.

Disclaimer: The shape of this Kinfolk's evolution tree is unknown. The shape, placement, and data contained below will be subject to change as we find out more about its evolutions or lack thereof.



Update history


  • Slyphur is designed by Don Pablo and SM-Wicket.