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Ability Startle.png
The user turns an evil eye toward a cone in front of them, lowering the Physical and Special Defense of all entities in range by 1 stage.
Ability Details
Playstyle Type Null
Attack Category Status Attack
Targeting Single Target
Damage 0
Cooldown 8
Lifetime ?
Range 10
In Alpha? Yes
Basic ability? No
Available? Yes
Version introduced Alpha 1.01

Startle is a Null type Active Ability.


Startle lowers the physical and special defense of the entities in a cone-like attack by 1 stage.

Kinfolk with This Ability

Skulken, Slyphur, Salamurder

Update history

  • Alpha 2.5
    • No longer deals damage (previously had 5 base damage).
  • Alpha 2.4
    • Stat debuffing effect now expires after 30 seconds.
  • Alpha 2.2
    • Cooldown increased from 3 seconds to 8 seconds
  • Alpha 2.0
    • Changes to your stats no longer reset when swapping Kinfolk.
  • Alpha 1.11/1.10
    • Aiming reticles have been adjusted to more accurately match the scale of their ability.
  • Alpha 1.05
    • Reduced end lag.
    • Decreased cooldown from 5 seconds to 3 seconds.
  • Alpha 1.03
    • Increased range by 1.5x.
  • Alpha 1.01
    • Introduced.