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Ability Swipes.png
The user strikes up to 3 times in quick succession with melee attacks.
Ability Details
Playstyle Type Null
Attack Category Physical Attack
Targeting Single Target
Damage 20 per hit
Cooldown 1
Lifetime ?
Range 5
In Alpha? Yes
Basic ability? No
Available? Yes
Version introduced Alpha 1.01

Swipes is a Null type Active Ability.


Swipes deals melee damage up to three times to a single target.

Kinfolk with This Ability


Update history

  • Alpha 2.6
    • The cooldown for Swipes starts at the correct time now. Swipes used to have its cooldown start halfway done if you only used 1 swipe and let the combo time expire. Now if you use 1 swipe and let the combo time expire, the full 1 second cooldown does not begin until the moment the combo expires.
  • Alpha 2.5
    • Swipes combo speed increased due to faster animation transitions.
  • Alpha 2.2
    • Staggers the enemy for 25% longer. Hit pause for the user has been removed.
  • Alpha 1.18
    • Adjusted hit pause duration. Characters can no longer walk out of the attack in between hits.
  • Alpha 1.05
    • Slightly reduced combo speed.
  • Alpha 1.01
    • Introduced.