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Displays a row in an infobox.


{{infobox row|title|value|test-value|else-value}}

Note these are all unnamed parameters when using the template

  • title is displayed as keyword to the row, describing the value (e.g. "HP", "Size", etc.)
  • value is displayed as the value and can be formatted (e.g. 1000, "huge", {{ItemLink|Wall}}, etc.)
  • If test-value (optional) is given, the row is only displayed if it is not empty
  • If else-value (optional) is given and test-value is empty, the row is displayed and shows else-value as its value


{{Infobox row|HP|{{{hp}}}|{{{hp|}}}}}

Displays a row titled HP, followed by the value of hp, but if it is not given, hides the whole row.

{{Infobox row|Location|{{{location}}}|{{{location|}}}|''Unknown''}}

Displays a row titled Location, followed by the value of location, but if it is not given, displays Unknown as the value instead.