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This is the beginning for a modular infobox. It provides the beginning {| for an infobox as well as relevant classes in an easy-to-read form.


Place this at the start of an infobox. It will initialize the infobox using the css classes .infobox .infobox-table. An optional parameter will add a class to the infobox, to allow for multiple infobox styles using this same template.


  • 1 - Optional. Adds plaintext as a class on the infobox. Infoboxes are of class "infobox" by default, but setting this parameter to, for example, "winter", will make the infobox both class "infobox" and "winter" (.infobox.winter as a css selector).


Basic use
{{Infobox start}}

Adding an optional second class
{{Infobox start|winter}}