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This template defines the table "Learnsets". View table.

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This template provides a uniform design for abilities learnsets on Kinfolk pages. It gets data from Special:CargoTables/ActiveAbilities, and declares and stores to Special:CargoTables/Learnsets


No abilities added
With abilities, all parameters
{{Learnlist|name=Ability name}}


The Header Tag
Required. The header tag is required for the creation of the learnset table.
The Footer Tag
Required Needs to be at the end of any table set.
Ability name. The rest of the ability's information will be pulled from Special:CargoTables/ActiveAbilities using this name.




General details
No. 1
Type Earth
Stage ?
Evolves from ?
Evolves to ?
Passive Abilities ?
Is Kinfolk In Alpha? Yes

Example 1

{{Learnlist|name=Earth Swipes}}

List of Abilities Learnlist Learns
Name Image Playstyle Type Ability Category Damage Cooldown Lifetime Targeting

Rest Ability Rest.png Null status attack 0 30 3 Seconds self

Earth Swipes Ability Earth Swipes.png Earth physical attack 20 1 - onetarget