Wicked Thorn

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Wicked Thorn
Ability Wicked Thorn.png
The user spawns 3 vines that last several seconds. These vines strike enemies that come near, dealing damage and staggering.
Ability Details
Playstyle Type Gaia
Attack Category Physical Attack
Targeting Area
Damage 40 per hit
Cooldown 10
Lifetime 15 Seconds
Range 30
In Alpha? Yes
Basic ability? No
Available? Yes
Version introduced Alpha 1.01

Wicked Thorn is a Gaia type Active Ability.


Wicked Thorn spawns vines which deal damage and knock back enemies near the vines.

Kinfolk with This Ability


Update history

  • Alpha 1.22
    • Now knocks back enemies from the vines instead of away from the caster.
  • Alpha 1.18
    • Damage increased from 20 to 40.
    • Can now be cast while moving.
  • Alpha 1.12
    • Added knockback on hit.
  • Alpha 1.11/1.10
    • Now only capable of damaging or staggering targets once it is fully grown.
  • Alpha 1.01
    • Introduced.