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Combat in Kindred Fates puts players in direct control of their Kinfolk in a real-time third-person experience. In the future, there will also be an option for turn-based combat. Each Kinfolk has a combat style based on their type.


Main article: Active Abilities

In combat, Kinfolk can make use of various abilities. Abilities are your primary way of dealing damage to opponents. Kinfolk can have 5 abilities equipped at one time. Abilities can also inflict a number of status conditions.


Sprinting is a way of moving faster at the cost of stamina. While the sprint key is held down in addition to movement input, your character moves significantly faster. How much faster depends on the Kinfolk, and for how long you can sprint depends on your Kinfolk's stamina. It is also possible to set the sprint key to a toggle in the options menu, meaning after tapping the sprint key once while moving, the key does not need to be held down to continue sprinting.


I-Frames or Invincibility Frames are short moments when your character is invincible while doing an action, which means that your Kinfolk cannot take damage or be otherwise affected by your opponent's abilities during these brief moments. The most obvious example of I-Frames is when your character is dodging. I-Frames while dodging are represented by your character turning white. I-Frames can also appear in other scenarios, such as for example when using shield (see below) or on some abilities, such as while underground during Dig.


Dodging is the most frequently used way to avoid being damaged by an enemy attack. Pressing the dodge key will grant your character I-Frames (see above) for a brief period of time, and move your character in the direction they are moving with a quick but short dash. Dodging is sometimes impossible, for example when caught in abilities like Quicksand or Riptide. Dodging is not possible while your Kinfolk is in the middle of using an ability. Dodging also costs stamina which will slowly replenish over time. With insufficient Stamina a Kinfolk can't dodge. By default, dodge is assigned to the same key or button as shield. Simply tap the key or button while standing still to use shield, or tap the key or button while moving to dodge.


Shield is another way to prevent damage that all Kinfolk have access to. By pressing the shield key, your Kinfolk will create an orb of energy around themselves which will absorb incoming damage. Your Kinfolk will be rooted in place while shielding unlike when dodging, so it's important to know when to dodge and when to shield, especially when dealing with abilities that cover a large area like Scorch or Caustic Cloud. As your shield absorbs damage, its durability will decrease (represented by changing in color from dark blue to bright red). Once the durability of shield reaches 0, it will break and cause your Kinfolk to be stunned for a few seconds. Shield's durability also gradually falls while in use, so it's important to only use it when you expect to take damage. The durability of your Kinfolk's shield will replenish when it isn't actively being used.


Stamina is a stat value visualized by a white bar at the bottom of the screen. Stamina is consumed when you jump, sprint, dodge, or fly. Each of these consume a different amount of stamina. When stamina runs out, you can't do any of the aforementioned actions. Stamina slowly replenishes over time when not being used. Notably, using abilities does not consume stamina.