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This page will document the lore of Kindred Fates as it develops. In the game's current state of development there remains little lore to document, but what we know so far has been collected here.

Humans & Kinfolk

Humans and Kinfolk coexist together as equals. Being ageless sapient creatures, not all the reasons are known for what exactly drives Kinfolk to form bonds with humans. A bond with a human is one way to avoid succumbing to the Restlessness (see below). We know that in the world of Hinterlock, it's common for certain humans to battle alongside Kinfolk. It seems that a bonded human is required in some way to direct the course of the battle. The term for such humans is unconfirmed, but they were formerly referred to as Tacticians by Skymill.

Summoning Bell

A silver summoning bell.

To capture Kinfolk, a Summoning Bell must be thrown, which initiates a quicktime event. It is unknown how the bells aid in Kinfolk capture, nor how they work mechanically. Skymill has hinted at the possibility of multiple types of bells to use.

Restless Fog & Kinfolk

The Restless Fog is an ominous grey fog, the source of which is unknown. Kinfolk who are exposed to the Restless Fog for too long will act strangely, often seeming violent. Kinfolk may also succumb to Restlessness when experiencing too many negative feelings. Capturing a Restless Kinfolk will restore them to normalcy. Restless Kinfolk appear to have flaming purple eyes.

Kinfolk Souls

A Kinfolk's soul is able to persist for some time after death, the exact time of which depends on its bond with a human. The soul materializes as a glowing blue flame, and can be rescued if someone gets there in time. If the flame is allowed to burn out, only ashes remain, and the Kinfolk is permanently gone. It's uncertain exactly what differentiates Kinfolk and human souls.


A player at a shrine with the options to heal or manage Kinfolk.

Shrines are small stone mounds that are dotted throughout the world. At shrines you can revive/heal the Kinfolk in your party, and manage your Kinfolk in storage. It's unclear if the shrines are tied to any sort of religious or other significance.


Ether is a substance presumed to be an energy source of some kind. Its exact use is uncertain, but an ether pool inside a building has been shown in early concept art. It's possible that Kinfolk are made up of ether in some way.

Concept art of an ether pool.

The War

It has been confirmed that there was a war in the distant past between humans and Kinfolk, but little is currently known of it.